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MATEC - HF 4.7 , 4”

MATEC - HF 4.7 , 4”
  • data inserzione:
    30 Marzo 2020
  • categoria:
    Macchine varie per maglieria e calze
  • marca:
  • modello:
    HF 4.7 , 4”
  • colore:
    Verde chiaro
  • quantità:
  • inserzionista:
    sandonini s.r.l
We have Studied and Created the Mask One Piece Made on Hosiery Machines Rebuilt & Reconverted & Updated into Machines for Mask One Piece by Sandonini Innovative Technological Ideas Single Cylinder Machines With Fully Electronic Control Diameter : 4” Needles : 200 to 400 Feeds : 4 Knitting Production : • Masks Ready To Wear in Any Size & Style • They are produced using any Natural Yarn, Ecological Yarn, Antibacterial Fiber, Stretch Fibers • You can Customize them with Designs, Colors, Logos • Time Production from 45 Second Each Mask Plain Fabric, Run Proof, Micromesh, Net, Reinforced Band , Reinforced & Floated Patterns Sinker Cap with Stepping Motor Motorized Dial Arm with Vertical Movement Through Stepping Motor for Unlimited Height Positions Stitch Cams with Independent Variable Profile System System on Yarn Fingers for Plating Control Electronic Needles & Needles Selection on 4 Feeds Programmable & Variable Stitch Cam Lowering in Different Areas by Stepping Motor on Each Feed All Functions Electronically Controlled Programming Styles & Size , Patterns Editing & Stitch Cam Lowering by Personal Computer and Powerful Graphic Software for Windows Environment Keyboard with Graphic Display for Selection of Style , Size , Patterns & Other Function Pre-Setting and Programming for Different Kinds of Yarns Feeding Device
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